CRN, renowned as a superior shipbuilder for nearly four decades, creates magnificent, three-deck pleasure mega yachts. Semi-custom composite vessels are designed to specifications of 40 and 43 meters, with custom steel and aluminum vessels spanning up to 85 meters.

One of the leading centers of Italian luxury engineering, CRN exemplifies technological and stylistic research combined with structural and product development. Drawing on a great capacity to meet the challenges of ongoing innovation, it is constantly stimulated to achieve the impossible by increasingly knowledgeable shipowners with ultimate expectations.

The first stage of each custom, steel and aluminum project is the development of the naval platform for the design of the hull, the structural bulwarks, the engine room, and the plant engineering. To date, no fewer than four different naval platforms have been created, allowing the technical office to design fully-customized projects at lengths from 43 to 85 meters. Ample flexibility is ensured while guaranteeing customization of the ship’s appearance. In fact, the look of the ship is created with the aesthetic platform, drawing up the external lines, style and architecture in collaboration with the world’s most exclusive designers. Completing the process is the development of the interior-design platform, the quintessential opportunity for shipowners to express themselves down to the smallest detail.

Equally worthy of note are CRN’s semi-custom composite projects. The CRN 43 is a vessel designed with large, external spaces ideal for lengthy, comfort-filled cruises. The internationally award-winning CRN 128’ planing line combines the comfort of extensive external and internal spaces with the top-flight navigation performance of a planing hull.

Control of all the operating phases, an advanced technological structure, prestigious design work, flexible thinking, and a focus on innovation are the strong points of CRN today: a shipyard that cultivates a special understanding with the client; a facility in which a variety of materials, steel and composite, achieve their maximum expression.

CRN Models


"Darlings Danama"

"Lady Trudy"

Motor Yacht

72 meter "Azteca"
72 meter "Azteca"

60 meter "Darlings Danama"
60 meter "Darlings Danama"

43 meter "Lady Trudy"
43 meter "Lady Trudy"

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