Tiara Yachts’ recent addition of two new Sovrans is bringing much excitement and rave reviews from the yachting community.  Premiered at the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show last month, the 3500 and the 5800 expand the Sovran line to four attention-grabbing models.  “Tiara continues to build the right products for the marketplace.  The Sovran series is a perfect example”, states Mike Kukla, Tiara Sales Director for Allied Richard Bertram Marine.

Sovran yachts are cruisers with a hard top, air conditioned cockpit, and abundant seating.  All models take advantage of the amazing Volvo IPS engines and joystick controls which offer improved efficiency, great acceleration, reduced fuel consumption, and extended range.  The unsurpassed handling capabilities allow the most novice yachtsman to become a competent captain in just a short time.  With their many special features, Tiara Sovrans continue to answer the desires and dreams of yachtsmen on all waters.

“I was amazed when I saw a ten-year-old docking the Sovran like an experienced captain,” marvels Glenn Grosso of Palm Beach, Florida.  “And not only is the Sovran easy to handle, but Tiara’s attention to detail is superior to anything being built in the luxury yacht market.”

The 3500 Sovran is the entry level model but offers all of the features of the larger 3900 and 4300, released just two years ago.  It is a dual engine yacht with generous open space, a distinctive floor plan, and abundant storage.

The 5800 is a triple engine yacht designed with a large, completely enclosed salon bordered by a stainless steel sliding glass door and a hard top with sliding sun roof.  Solid teak flooring, premium surround sound, and a 52,000 BTU air conditioner are standard in this model that features abundant glass to create a bright and airy interior.

The Tiara 3500 Sovran is new enough to the market that models are still available within a reasonable time frame.  However, if a 5800 interests you, be prepared to be patient.  The popularity of this most desirable yacht has forced delivery dates into 2009!    

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