Ancona, 26 June 2014 - CRN, part of the Ferretti Group, has announced that their flagship megayahct, M/Y Chopi Chopi 80m, is set to appear in Fiat's latest international advertising campaign, for the launch of the car brand's new Fiat 500 Cult. The Italian shipyard specializes in the construction of fully-customized displacement megayachts made of steel and aluminum, ranging from 40 to 90 metres. The stylish commercial brings together two iconic, Italian brands, Fiat 500 and CRN M/Y Chopi Chopi, for the first time, which aims to surprise the audience from start to finish. CRN's largest megayacht, Chopi Chopi, will be displayed in all its majesty in the "Yacht" commercial, with its timeless elegance and simplicity. Created by advertising agency Leo Burnett and directed by Ago Panini (Alto Verbano production), the campaign will air in European markets, including Germany, Austria, The Netherlands and Serbia.

Chopi Chopi has won a number of prestigious international awards at the Showboats Design Awards 2014, The World Superyachts Awards 2014 and Boat of the Year 2013. The collaboration between Chopi Chopi and Fiat is a further representation of the synthesis and evolution of the characteristics, spirit and innovation of the vessels created by CRN, an undisputed icon of luxury and style.


CRN and the Ferretti Group

CRN is a brand and company of the Ferretti Group, a world leader in the design, construction and marketing of luxury motor yachts, has an unparalleled portfolio of eight exclusive and prestigious brands, each with its own distinctive and unique features including Ferretti, Pershing, Itama, Bertram, Riva, Mochi Craft and CRN. Established in 1968 by Norberto Ferretti and led by Chairman Tan Xuguang and by the Chief Executive Officer Alberto Galassi, the Group operates a series of state of the art production centers in Italy and in the United States, which integrate industrial production efficiencies with unsurpassed attention to detail, typical of the artisan tradition of Italian craftsmanship. The Group is also present in the USA through its subsidiary Ferretti Group America, which manages a network of Service Points specializing in the distribution and sale of Group brands throughout the North American market, and in Asia through Ferretti Group Asia Pacific Ltd., based in Hong Kong, as well as an office of representation and promotion in Shanghai. Moreover, a specialized network of approximately 60 selected dealers grants the Ferretti Group's presence in over 80 countries, thereby ensuring Clients receive the very best customer service and support in marinas throughout the world. The Group has always been at the top of the yachting industry, due to constant product and process innovation and continuous research in innovative technology solutions.

The Group's comprehensive portfolio of yachts include flybridges, runabouts, open yachts, coupe yachts, lobster boats, fisherman yachts, maxi yachts and mega yachts that are designed by highly specialized engineers and designers at the AYTD - Advanced Yacht Technology Development research and design center, who continuously develop and combine aesthetic, functional and innovative design solutions. The team is constantly developing its internal expertise while working together with internationally renowned yacht designers and naval architects. As a result, Ferretti Group's motor yachts have always been characterized by high quality, best class safety features, outstanding performance at sea; together with exclusive designs and timeless elegance, which are unparalleled in the boating sector worldwide.

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