Charter Opportunities


Chartering is an excellent way to experience a larger yacht and all the benefits of ownership, whether you are considering a yacht purchase or the ultimate one-time vacation. At Allied Marine, we have our own in-house charter division that is confidently able to handle your charter desires.  Cruising locations near and far while serviced by a professional crew is an exceptional and memorable experience.

Our specialists will search the global charter yacht fleet to find the perfect professionally-staffed yacht for your needs, desires, and destinations. Tri-deck super yachts, powerful performance yachts, long range explorers, or sleek sailing yachts — all are available for your cruising dreams.

Long before your departure, our staff works with the yacht’s captain and crew to ensure that your itinerary will be confidently met and that all you desire will be on board, including your favorite foods and beverages and a qualified chef to prepare them!


In today’s fast-paced world, few luxury yacht owners are able to get away from the demands of home and business long enough to enjoy their vessel more than a set time each year. During the weeks you are not aboard, offering your yacht for charter to pre-qualified, discerning clients can be very advantageous for both you and your yacht systems. Allied Marine’s experienced charter specialists will help you explore the personal benefits of including your yacht in the worldwide luxury charter market, some of which include:

  • Charter fee revenue to help offset running and maintenance costs
  • Potential tax savings
  • Less idle time for your yacht, maintaining condition and functionality
  • Less downtime for your captain and crew, heightening professional performance
  • Increased crew retention due to the financial rewards of chartering
  • Enhanced personal use having your yacht docked in exotic locales