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Premium luxury lines presented by world-renowned manufacturer, Ferretti Group.

Characterized by classic, elegant lines, splendid appointments, and outstanding seaworthiness, Ferretti Yachts epitomize quality in all respects.

Superior, solid woods such as teak and dermas, swinging glass windows, and enduring external materials are but a few of the many fine features. Excellent livability, both indoors and out, is enhanced with spacious, open decks and external steering. ARG stabilizers, Naviop and Gi8 monitoring and control systems, and ZF SteerCommand reflect state-of-the-art technologies.


Particularly suited to previous craft owners with a high nautical culture, Ferretti offers yachts of quality and performance that do not conform to the latest fashion trends but feature timeless, classical lines.

Craftsmanship, unmatched quality, functional design, and innovation has been Riva’s hallmark since 1842.

Today, Riva is defined by clean, essential lines; sophistication and originality; exclusive design and unique style; and matchless character. The balanced synthesis between elegance and innovation marks new steps in the history of international boating design. With meticulous attention to structural detail, Riva yachts are, more than ever, refined, elegant, and timeless beauties with state-of-the-art design and performance capabilities.

When you choose a Riva, you choose a lifestyle in which the values of the brand coincide with its history and with the family this brand has created and strengthened. Riva is truly the epitome of Italian character, taste, and elegance.

Offering luxurious models with speeds of up to 51 knots, being one step ahead is the core around which Pershing rotates and the concept that shapes both its products and its image.

The Pershing story began over 20 years ago with a wood-crafted boat and three friends with a dream. Today, new projects, models, events, and innovative ideas grow out of the company’s solid philosophy of combining the best qualities of a speed boat with the best qualities of a motor yacht while maintaining the highest standards of design, comfort, quality, and elegance.

With insistence on continuous improvement, advanced construction methods, concern over details, and constant innovation, Pershing products never cease to amaze, standing out for their superior performance, top quality materials, and painstakingly-designed interiors.

Mochi Craft’s exclusive personality links past and future, renewing and reinterpreting the extraordinary charm of lobster yachts from days gone‐by.

Displaying unmistakable character through eclectic origins and chromatic features, each unique model in the Mochi Craft line is acclaimed for its unique personality; rounded, harmonious lines; superior craftsmanship; exceptional interiors; and distinctive hull colors.  Comfort and stability are guaranteed by the Anti Rolling Gyro stabilizers able to reduce wave‐provoked roll by over 50% while cruising or at rest.

The quintessential combination of form and function, Mochi Craft yachts offer quality craftsmanship, luxury living, and a new experience of the seas.


A powerful marine character in all its various nuances is the quality that distinguishes every Itama yacht.

Each sleek, aerodynamic craft is designed to offer the ultimate experience of high speed sailing with optimal control and superb comfort. Unrivaled handling guaranteed by the 22° deep “V” hull, a solid structure, top-quality materials, and the latest technologies enable the thrill of power to be enjoyed in complete safety. Interior details are painstakingly researched to ensure that every space is elegantly practical.

The Itama philosophy is to create a sporting spirit and a distinct marine character in a line that is unmistakable. Each Itama model is a perfectly balanced synthesis designed for those who love the sea by those who love the sea, translating remarkable performance into pure cruising pleasure.

Committed to providing outstanding personal attention to clients throughout all phases of construction and ownership and offering the foremost standards of service and customer care at all times, anywhere in the world, Custom Line yachts are the ultimate choice for the discriminating yacht owner. 

Each magnificent Custom Line model offers a broad range of customization possibilities. Interior layouts; furnishings of prized woods, fine leathers, exquisite surfaces, and imported fabrics; and a broad variety of furnishing complements may be personally selected according to individual tastes and visions.

Custom Line yachts are characterized not only by refined elegance, but also by their ability to guarantee idyllic cruising experiences with the most advanced safety standards of construction and technological leadership. NaviOP and Gi8 provide constant monitoring and management of consumption, services, and alarms. Common rail engines deliver stronger performance at reduced noise levels, improved emission control, and greater efficiency. Innovative Anti Roll Gyro stabilizers, able to reduce wave-induced roll by 50%, further enhance cruising pleasure.


One of the leading centers of Italian luxury engineering, CRN exemplifies technological and stylistic research combined with structural and product development.

Drawing on a great capacity to meet the challenges of ongoing innovation, it is constantly stimulated to achieve the impossible by increasingly knowledgeable shipowners with ultimate expectations.

The first stage of each custom project is the development of the naval platform for the design of the hull, the structural bulwarks, the engine room, and the plant engineering. To date, no fewer than four different naval platforms have been created, allowing the technical office to design fully-customized projects at lengths from 43 to 85 meters. Ample flexibility is ensured while guaranteeing customization of the ship’s appearance. The look of the ship is created with the aesthetic platform, drawing up the external lines, style and architecture in collaboration with the world’s most exclusive designers. Completing the process is the development of the interior-design platform, the quintessential opportunity for shipowners to express themselves down to the smallest detail.

A world leader in yachting innovation, Wally combines the latest technology with contemporary design, constantly looking at ways of improving on-the-water enjoyment with performance, comfort, and style.

Founded in 1994 by Luca Bassani, Wally changed the entire concept of cruising yachts and built an iconic brand both in the yachting industry and in the luxury market.

Every Wally is the result of taking a functional approach to product development.  This combination of form and function means that every technical solution is developed with consideration for the overall aesthetic beauty.  Every detail, every fitting, every space is carefully analyzed and designed to contribute to the overall Wally appeal, regarded as the state-of-the-art in yachting.


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