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MAN V12 1400 CR; MAN V12 1650 CR; Baudouin M26.3; CAT C32 12V 1825 hp
5 Cabins, 7 baths + 4 / 4 crew
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With a beam of 8 metres (26’3″), the Navetta 37 boasts a brand-new hull with a bulbous bow, aiming to ensure the utmost efficiency in any and all sea conditions and allowing the Owner to choose from among as many as four engine configurations. Magnificently branded with innovative features and timeless elegance and style, the new design of the front part of the hull is truly impressive and results in even more spacious interiors, exhibited in the stunning wide-body master stateroom. There also is an additional indoor lounge, brightened by the large hull glazing. All décor solutions are fully customizable.

The main deck features a large cockpit, entirely devoted to relaxation. The indoor salon includes a living area and a dining area, to the right-hand side of which the floor-to-ceiling glazing opens onto the starboard walkway. The fore part of the deck has been entirely reserved for the Owner, who has available a wide-body suite boasting the size and comfort of those normally found on a mega yacht.

The upper deck features impressively spacious areas for the guests and great comfort for the captain too, who has available a private cabin with a separate bathroom connected to the pilot station. The panoramic cockpit is a fully-customizable large aft lounge beyond which, towards the bow, is a table, allowing open-air dining. The internal salon offers a magnificent view of the sea, also thanks to several opening windows on both sides.

The fore area hosts the captain’s cabin and the large pilot station, which enjoys a wide view and an innovative fully-integrated pilot station with six multi-touch monitors. The Owner and guests benefit from an exclusive passageway connecting the panoramic lobby to the fore panoramic area, which features an exclusive private lounge that can be fitted with curtains and partitions.

The sundeck is a private space with an aerodynamic hard top supported by a central stanchion, perfectly sheltering the entire lounge area while preserving the yacht’s streamlined profile. The Navetta 37 comes standard with the VOTIS (Videoworks One Touch Infotainment System) infotainment and management system. The ‘maximum comfort’ concept is also pursued when the boat is at anchor, thanks to the electrical-hydraulic stabilizing fins featuring the underway and zero speed modes, which reduce rolling and are installed standard on this yacht.


110 North Dixie Highway
Stuart, FL 34994


Tom : (772) 201-1800
Brett : (772)201-1630


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