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Yanmar 8 LV. 370 hp. 36 / 40 kots. 155 nm range. 3.15’ draft.
1 V-Berth, 1 Head.
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Riva Anniversario is an incredible combination of details and inspiration drawn from both of these boats. Only the yard with 180 years of history – the first of Riva’s anniversaries in 2022 – could come up with the idea of this jewel of an open powerboat, made in a strictly limited edition, which pays tribute with class and a passion for the brand’s history to the two iconic boats that this year celebrate their 60th – Aquarama – and 20th – Aquariva – anniversaries.

The exterior styling is inspired by the Aquariva’s classic silhouette, featuring clean lines, balanced volumes, and a series of stylistic details that tap into the Aquarama’s refined style. Two legends in a new boat that is already an icon: it could only happen with Riva. But don’t be misled by this tribute to past masterpieces because her design expresses Anniversario’s distinctive and innovative personality, featuring an exclusive and magnificently modern configuration seen not least in the choice of more saturated and fuller colors for the surfaces, highlighting their character. An innovative Metallic Brown, created exclusively for Anniversario, highlights the dazzling beauty of the boat as a whole and is juxtaposed with gloss varnished mahogany. The color scheme includes masterful contrasts between steel, used for various details and trim, and classic Riva aquamarine alternating with optical white on all the leather upholstery, amplifying its charm.

The same leather is used to upholster both the cockpit and the below-deck area. This special type of leather is perfectly waterproof, withstands marine conditions and can be used at sea, ensuring an unrivaled sensation of softness and wellbeing. Designed for functionality and comfort, the cockpit has a new design featuring a large U-shaped sofa and a central table seating up to eight people. But that’s not all: the table has an up-down mechanism so that the space can easily be transformed into one big sunbathing area. Another innovative feature is the design of the mahogany cabinetry, which is integrated into the lower part of the sofa and includes storage and lifestyle accessories. The entire area can be sheltered by the distinctive bimini top.

The bow area is run through with unmistakable details in perfect Riva style. Turning to the helm station, the dashboard includes two 12- inch digital displays and integrated navigation instruments. Aquarama-inspired vintage features abound, like the Vienna straw storage pocket with steel trim behind the driver’s seat.

The foredeck is clad entirely in polished mahogany planking. Continuing the tradition of hand craftsmanship, all the wooden parts of Anniversario are protected by the Sarnico-based yard’s famous twenty-four coats of varnish. Two deck portholes inspired by the Aquarama, one on either side, bring natural light down below deck. The centrally positioned steel casing adds a sumptuously elegant accent to the deck, as well as housing the navigation lights.

Below deck, the ambiance features leather upholstery with an aquamarine and white color scheme that matches the ceiling. Riva Anniversario is fitted with an electronically controlled two-speed gearbox that unleashes all the power of the two YANMAR 8 LV engines, each rated 370 hp. This engine configuration delivers a top speed of 40.5 knots and provides a range of 155 miles at a cruising speed of 36 knots.


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