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4X Mercury Verado V12 600. 600 hp. 38 / 50 knots.
One Double Cabin plus One Flexy Guest or Crew Berth
Price On Request

Building on the revolutionary wallypower58 platform, with its striking glass and carbon dome, the wallypower58X introduces a range of new features adapted for outboard propulsion.

It is the first Wally yacht to be fitted with the new 600hp Mercury V12 Verado – or rather, a powerful configuration of four of them. With 2,400 hp on the transom, the stable and efficient deep V-hull can reach an exhilarating 50 knots. And yet fuel consumption remains low, while the boat’s additional tankage gives it a range of 300 nautical miles.

Performance is therefore a given, but Wally has also exploited other capabilities offered by the new Mercurys. They have a reduced draft compared to other models, making the boat suitable for shallow water operations, while the rotating gearcases and joystick manoeuvring system ensure trouble-free precision docking in tight spaces.

The wallypower58X comes as standard with folding bulwarks, so no space is sacrificed in the aft section by opting for the outboard configuration. Moreover, just as Wally pioneered on the 48X and later the 43X, the hydraulic passarelle has been smartly built in to make it safe and easy to enter or exit the water.

Without the inboard engines there is naturally extra storage capacity. With the same flexible accommodation for one or two couples as the wallypower58, the boat is set up for exceedingly comfortable daysailing or overnighting.


110 North Dixie Highway
Stuart, FL 34994


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Brett : (772)201-1630



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